Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest cuckoo clocks represent Germany’s rich culture of craftsmanship. The manufacture of these antique historical cuckoo clocks is closely associated with the Black Forest region in south west Germany. With origins dating back to the 17th century, these antique German cuckoo clocks are a collector’s dream.

The makers of the ‘Golden Era’ clocks from the Black Forest region of Germany were simple farmers who, because of the harsh snows which made farming impossible, spent the wintertime carving wooden objects like toys, clocks and other household things in order to supplement their meager incomes.
Although the first clocks they created were rather plain and simple, the Black Forest woodworkers were very creative and committed to constant improvement in order to increase their earnings. Before long, the clocks from this storied region boasted magnificently detailed craftsmanship that we now know so well from that era.
Black Forest cuckoo clock: A German icon
The Black Forest cuckoo clock is a German icon, alongside other decorative carved items such as candle arches and nutcrackers. The traditional industry of making these vintage timepieces dates back several centuries, and these antique German cuckoo clocks are the first things that come to mind when most people think of Germany nowadays.
Black Forest clocks have always been known for their stability and accuracy.

They fall into 4 main categories:

The Chalet Style clock – Most recognizable and very popular with cuckoo clock lovers all around the world, this charming timepiece has the trademark Black Forest house.
The Shield clock – A simple model which is generally thought of as the historic precursor of the vintage cuckoo clock. It has a square, ornately decorated and hand-painted frontal shield.
The Modern Art clock – Modern Black Forest clocks are a perfect example of why it has often been stated that Black Forest belongs in the past, the present and the future. Modern craftsmen have remodeled the genre with bright colors, unique shapes and new materials, while keeping a link to their heritage by preserving the cuckoo call.
The Carved clock – This Black Forest clock is a premium option with beautiful intricate carvings of bird or hunting symbols and tendrils of vine leaves in exquisite details.
These days there are traditional and contemporary Black Forest timepieces to interest all collectors and followers of this era. Today’s clock-makers include a lot of embellishments like hand-carved moving human figures, dancers, wood choppers and so on. There are also clocks that feature dogs, cats, deer and many other animals in addition to animated features such as windmills, rocking chairs and water wheels.
Some cuckoo clocks also incorporate German songs that are well known to people all over the world, which adds to the vintage feel of these antique German cuckoo clocks.
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